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Janské Lázně State Medical Spa   Krkonoše Mountains


The town of Janské Lázně gained its name thanks to a healing hot spring discovered according to legend by the armourer Jan of Chockov in 1006.
Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg, who in 1675 acquired the surrounding domain together with Janské Lázně, deserves great credit for developing the spa. He had the first spa buildings built around the spring and commissioned provincial physicist G. H. Hettmayer to write a scholarly treatise about the spring. In the early 20th century, the spa gained worldwide renown thanks to the successful treatment of the effects of polio, to which a modern
analysis of the local sources also contributed. This proved that the Janské Lázně water was identical in composition to the water in Warm Springs, USA, where, among others, President Roosevelt received treatment. Janské Lázně therefore became home to the first sanatorium of its kind in Europe.

The contemporary healing spa not only offers traditional spa treatments, but also inpatient rehabilitation care in a specialised medical institute for adults and children, which can immediately follow up on acute inpatient treatments by way of transport from a hospital bed to the rehabilitation spa.

Vesna Children's Hospital treats patients up to the age of eighteen with nervous and neuromuscular diseases, including cerebral palsy, patients recovering from oncological treatment, post-injury and orthopaedic surgery, patients with locomotive and respiratory diseases, and patients with metabolic and child obesity disorders.
The adult hospital, which is located directly in the centre of the spa town opposite the Art Nouveau colonnade, receives clients who have suffered injuries or undergone surgery of the musculoskeletal system, patients who have suffered strokes, multiple sclerosis and other nervous, neuromuscular and respiratory diseases. The local climate provides a supporting healing element for climatotherapy, suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases, allergies and respiratory diseases including asthma.

Incentive programs

I/I. Malignant tumours
IV. Diseases of metabolic and endocrine system disorders
V. Non-tuberculous diseases of the respiratory system
VI. Neurological diseases
VII. Musculoskeletal diseases

Indications for children and adolescents:
XXI. Oncology diseases
XXIV. Metabolic and endocrine system disorders and diseases
XXV. Non-tuberculous diseases of the respiratory system
XXVI. Neurological diseases
XXVII. Locomotive system diseases

Basic Therapeutic Procedures
• Individual exercises with a physiotherapist recommended by a physician using comprehensive certified methods
• Specially-focused group exercises
• Physical therapy, including electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and light therapy
• Robot and machine-assisted rehabilitation (Alter G, LiteGait, etc.)
• Hydrotherapy treatments including baths, swimming and pool exercises using natural healing sources – hot mineral water
• Occupational therapy, including the practice of everyday activities and the use of modern devices such as SunBall or Gloreha
• Massages
• Gas injections
• Paraffin
• Speech therapy and psychological care



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