Spa in Hradec Králové region

Where tourism is concerned, the Hradec Králové region has great potential, especially in the diversity of its territory. There is a high concentration of castles and châteaux, but also beautiful countryside in the Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains National Park and Orlické hory (Eagle Mountains). The rock town formations in Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise), the Broumov district and Kladsko borderlands are also unforgettable tourist destinations. The sandstone landscape of the Podkrkonoší (Krkonoše Mountain Foothills) is another inviting place for leisurely strolls. The Hradec Králové region is also home to four towns with spa town status – Janské Lázně, Lázně Bělohrad, Velichovky and Náchod.

Janské LázněZnak města

Janské Lázně, a mountain town with great history, has not only long held its reputation as one of the best spa facilities in the Czech Republic, but also for its first-class sports and recreation centre in the Krkonoše Mountains. The local clean air is appreciated by skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, tourists and cyclists from spring to autumn, and spa guests year-round. The only spa on the Czech side of the Krkonoše Mountains is located at the base of Černá hora (Black Hill) at an altitude of over 600 m. You will find the largest ski resort in the Czech Republic here, Ski Resort Černá hora – Pec. There are 44 km of downhill slopes and 84 km of cross-country trails accessible with a single ski pass. A unique eight-seater cable car leads to the summit of Černá hora (1,299 m above sea level), which is a starting point for winter and summer hiking along the ridges and the protected nature reserve of the Krkonoše National Park.


Lázně Bělohrad

The first mention of the settlement dates back to 1354, when it had three fortresses and was divided into Upper and Lower parts. An essential impulse for the development of the town was the founding of a spa by domain owner Anna von der Asseburg in 1885. Thanks to the spa’s fame, the town has been known as Lázně Bělohrad since 1905. Over the course of 130 years, the spa has expanded into its current form and constitutes a significant part of the town. Lázně Bělohrad is a town of culture and sport. The summer particularly sees a number of events with many years of tradition. The most significant is the International Folklore Festival, where ensembles from both the Czech Republic and abroad perform. Regular Sunday promenade concerts have taken place in the spa gardens since 1904. The town houses a memorial to Karel Václav Rais, a museum with an exhibition devoted to the famous local writer and artistic exhibitions. The surrounding area is woven with a dense network of bike trails and marked walking paths. Places of interest to tourists also include the walking circuit around the Pardoubek fish pond with wooden statues of fairy-tale creatures, the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Byšičky, the “In the Footsteps of Karel Václav Rais” nature trail to Zvičina Hill, the village of Dolní Javoří with its historical buildings, the Hřídelecká horka tertiary igneous rock formation, and more.



The village of Velichovky, with a spa tradition of over a century, is located in the Náchod district about 5.5 km west of Jaroměř and 20 km from Hradec Králové. In 1985, the village of Hustířany was incorporated into the village of Velichovky, which has around 90 houses and approximately 170 residents with registered permanent residence. Velichovky is a member of the Hustířanka voluntary association of municipalities. This micro-region is made up of fifteen surrounding municipalities with the aim to cooperate with each other and to finance joint projects and raise funds for them. The beauty of Velichovky and Hustířany has blossomed in recent decades, changing them beyond recognition. They intend to continue with this trend.



The town of Náchod (346 m above sea level) spreads over both banks of the Metuje River. It was founded in 1254 and is the natural historical, tourism, administrative and industrial centre of the entire Kladsko borderlands. The town centre is an urban conservation area. A number of historical buildings are located here – the Gothic Church of St. Lawrence, the former Baroque town hall, the new Neo-Renaissance town hall and the post office building. Náchod is the birthplace of Czech writer Josef Škvorecký and playwright Vratislav Blažek. Náchod is a border town surrounded by diverse countryside, where you can take an active and relaxing holiday with a direct link to the Polish town of Kudowa-Zdrój. The spa industry in Náchod is connected with a part of the town named Běloves. According to historical records, the spa tradition in this location dates back to the Middle Ages. The spa industry was developed in the 18th century. Its characteristic bicarbonate mineral water has been collected in the immediate vicinity of the Metuje River for centuries.


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