Krkonoše Foothills

The baroque chateau Kuks

Krkonoše Foothills cover an area of about 700 square kilometers with the highest peak Zvičina. To the West, Krkonoše Foothills neighbour with the Bohemian Paradise and to the South, they turn into the lowlands of the Hradec Králové Area. The southern slopes of hursts provide good conditions for growing fruits, the hursts are a source of high-quality sandstone which, in conjunction with the skill of local stonemasons and sculptors, have impressed a unique seal into the landscape in the form of a quantity of stone buildings - churches, chateaus, fortresses, castles, technical monuments and small sandstone crosses and statues. The Krkonoše Foothills are interwoven with a dense network of bike routes and hiking trails. The varied landscape of the Krkonoše Foothills offers a wide range of activities for active sports people as well as relaxation for families with children or the elderly.


Bílá Třemešná - the Kingdom Forest

The rolling landscape, frosty valleys, sunny slopes, springs, small rivers, ponds, a number of monuments and sites linked to legends bring a tasting of history and of local specialties, a plunge into the scenery in educational trails and during traditional festivals. The main tourist attractions in the territory are undoubtedly the Baroque complex of the Kuks Hospital, the ZOO in Dvůr Králové, which is famous for its spectacular Safari, Lázně Bělohrad spa where it is worth coming not only for treatment but also just for relaxation, the sandstone sculptures museum on the Gothard hill in Hořice, the production of famous cookies "Hořické trubičky" or of traditional glass Christmas decorations in Dvůr Králové and many others.

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