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Hradec Králové - festivities

The landscape of the Hradec Králové Area combines the perfect setting for a family holiday and relaxation, activity break and cycling. The large number of historical monuments, cultural events and the excellent transport accessibility of the Hradec Králové Area creates superb conditions for both domestic and foreign visitors.

The natural beauties are not for from anywhere in the Hradec Králové Area. Literally outside the gates of Hradec Králové there are extensive forests stretching 40 km southeast, interwoven with hiking, biking, educational and other routes. On hot days it is possible to take a refreshing dip in one of the numerous sand-pit lakes that surround Hradec Králové from virtually all sides. They are also a popular place for summer vacation at a waterside.

Chlumec nad Cidlinou - chateau

A major natural attraction is the Orlice River. The naturally meandering river with numerous backwaters hides the beauty of old stream pools, marshes and floodplain forests. The Orlice River empties into the Elbe River in Hradec Králové. The city is also known as the city of greenery, thanks to the extensive maintained municipal parks.

The city of Hradec Králové was a dowry town of queen Elisabeth of Bohemia. It is called the Salon of the Republic and its architectural gems are the work of two of the most important Czech architects - Jan Kotěra and Josef Gočár. You can admire the beauties of Hradec Králové from a paddle wheel boat riding on the Elbe River, while walking through the streets and green parks or by taking a bird's eye view from the White Tower.

Open-air museum Krňovice

The Hradec Králové Area includes the district of Hradec Králové and apart from the city itself it offers numerous other attractions. It is possible to visit, for example, two beautiful chateaux - Hrádek u Nechanic and Karlova Koruna (the Charles’ Crown) in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The lovers of folk architecture will not come off badly too, they can go either to the Hradec Králové borough of Piletice and see the farm Šrámkův statek, or to nearby Krňovice, where they will look through folk houses of Eastern Bohemia. A beautiful log house is also the birthplace of the Czech culture revivalist V. Hanka in Hořiněves. Admirers of Baroque art certainly cannot miss a visit to the chateau chapel of Epiphany in Smiřice. If you decide to venture deeper into our history, don't miss the archeopark Všestary and, not far from there, you can remember the significant events of 1866 in the 1866 War Museum at Chlum and overlook the battlefield from the local lookout tower. Or you can walk along several educational trails.

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