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Lázně Velichovky 1897   Kladsko Borderland


Lázně Velichovky 1897, with a tradition dating back for more than 120 years, is located in a beautiful hilly landscape on the boundary of the Kladsko and Podkrkonoší borderlands. It is a non-governmental health facility that primarily focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders, patients who have suffered injuries and who have undergone bone and joint operations, including joint replacements, as well as nervous diseases according to the valid indication list. It also offers stays for private guests who can take advantage of procedures aimed at alleviating muscle and joint pain and improving overall health after operations and injuries. A major advantage is thick peat, the composition and structure of which is unique within Europe. It helps our patients during regeneration of their muscular apparatus and also reduces chronic joint and spinal pain. The facility provides first-rate spa care and a peaceful setting with a family atmosphere and willing, experienced staff, where you can not only rest your body, but also your soul.

• I. Oncological diseases
• VI. Neurological diseases
• VII. Locomotive system diseases

Basic therapeutic procedures:
• Peat baths and wraps
• Massages
• Examination procedures
• Rehabilitation exercises
• Hydrotherapy
• Electrotherapy
• Instrumental therapy
• Other special healing procedures


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