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Náchod   Kladsko Borderland


The town of Náchod (346 m above sea level) spreads over both banks of the Metuje River. It was founded in 1254 and is the natural historical, tourism, administrative and industrial centre of the entire Kladsko borderlands. The town centre is an urban conservation area. A number of historical buildings are located here – the Gothic Church of St. Lawrence, the former Baroque town hall, the new Neo-Renaissance town hall and the post office building. Náchod is the birthplace of Czech writer Josef Škvorecký and playwright Vratislav Blažek. Náchod is a border town surrounded by diverse countryside, where you can take an active and relaxing holiday with a direct link to the Polish town of Kudowa-Zdrój.
The spa industry in Náchod is connected with a part of the town named Běloves. According to historical records, the spa tradition in this location dates back to the Middle Ages. The spa industry was developed in the 18th century. Its characteristic bicarbonate mineral water has been collected in the immediate vicinity of the Metuje River for centuries.

Unfortunately, the spa is not currently in operation, but the town of Náchod is attempting to restore the industry. In 2019, the construction of the Komenský Villa (the so-called Small Spa) will be completed and will feature a colonnade with fountains of newly discovered mineral waters.

Natural Healing Sources
Natural healing sources of mineral water and gases JAN (HJ 1005) and BĚLA (HJ 1006).

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